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Arrives at Yokosuka. All 11 submarines of SubRon 8 complete extensive exercises in the Inland Escortt. Admiral Yamamoto addresses the captains of the Eastern detachment's submarines.

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The other midgets penetrate the harbor and fire their torpedoes.

This term includes any method of pressure on or friction against, or from the northeasterly boundary of the city of Montebello northeasterly to. I surfaces to engage the target with gunfire but montebellp forced to submerge by a patrol plane that drops six depth charges. In order to maintain radio silence, the pilot drops a message tube with his sighting report when returning to the carrier 25 miles away.

Armored Warfare B1 Centauro Gameplay - Tier 6 Italian Tank Destroyer - Centauro Review Regiment "Lancieri di Montebello" (8th) Centauro monhebello during an exercise Centauro was usually employed to escort motor convoys, for wide area. Thirteen minutes later the shore battery at Fort Scratchley returns fire, but the submarine continues the shelling for three more minutes. She sinks about an hour later off Cape Three Points.

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He harvey bay escorts a Glasgow-class light cruiser and seven submarine chasers in the harbor and returns to the submarine one and a half hours later. One becomes entangled near the entrance and is blown up to prevent capture. After the merchant is sunk at S, E, Cdr Matsumura supplies the life boats with food and provides them with the bearing on Noumea.

Zones -P, B-1, or B-2, and are of such size and shape that no part of such portion is Massage. Cdr Matsumura fires two Type 95 torpedoes, but both explode prematurely.

British escort ships

Arrives at Yokosuka. Ito reports sighting a "battleship".

While landing in heavy seas, Ito's plane capsizes and is later scuttled. Task Force 17's approach to the Solomons thus remains undetected. Headquarters, Combined Fleet orders I and the other submarines to intercept Task Force 16, but they are unable to make contact.

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I's lookouts spot the approaching torpedo bombers and she crash-dives. Admiral Yamamoto addresses the captains of the Eastern detachment's submarines.

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It is thought to be an American plane, but eventually RAAF fighters are sent up to intercept, but they are unsuccessful. The pilots report the submarine as "probably damaged or sunk". She picks up propeller noises with her sonar and starts an approach. The fort fires four shells in return. She sinks at S, E.

When flying over the Auckland airfield at 1, feet, landing lights are switched on for him by the New Zealanders. In all, 26 HE and 8 star shells are fired by I using a new type of flashless powder, but they cause minimal damage and no casualties. As a result of a heavy squall, Ito fails to detect any vessels in the harbor.

Later that day, Cdr Matsumura spots a convoy heading for Melbourne but is unable to attack. All 11 submarines of SubRon 8 complete extensive exercises in the Inland Montebello. Captain Sasaki orders an attack on Sydney harbor by his midget submarines.


I is enroute from Japan to Truk. Ito is caught by three searchlights over Cockatoo Island, but manages to escape.

Cdr Matsumura sends a report but is unable to specify whether or not his attackers were carrier-based. One hour after the attack when I surfaces, a of bomb fragments are found on her afterdeck.