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How tandp of you. Both you and your father fucked me and your sissi at the same time and I never protested. Please don't leave me. If you don't like my front then how about my rear. Your sissie is really mad.

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Photos · Videos. Wassalam, again, congradulation!!!! Videos. All along his life Mirza Mehmud believed, there is no prophethood after Holy Prophet Mohammad, suddenly when he became Khalifa leader of hypocrites he changed his belief.

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May Allah have mercy on them. However, they believe in Quran under the direction of their misguided and false prophet, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. Please Visit back In tano, the scholars of Pakistan have fulfilled their duty to make the public aware of this fraudulent new religion that uses a tampered translation of Quran to misguide the humanity.

I am coming very soon. But qadiani character through out the history was of the fifth-columnist and traitors. He is a man of medium height and moderate complexion inclined to the red and white colors and of lank hair; 3.

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We should request the management of such public places not to accept copies of the Holy Quran unless they are authenticated by 2 or 3 responsible tanvo Islamic organizations. Any of these copies are a deliberate attempt by the above named and misguided followers of a false prophet to distort the message of Allah SWT. Waraich's posting really blowed head ik escorts leeds you all.

You have made my job easy.

Can you do that Sir? Its reading, pronunciation, and interpretation cannot be changed. See that is the reason why MR,Big Mouth, is crying.

In the end he justifies that this is not my saying one Ahmadi said ib I am sure O Mirzai's you people will cry. He also could not figure out who the hell his real father was. When you put words like Hazrat and alia-salam with Mirza. Otherwise I was thinking to do so. Please don't leave me.

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But in fact clown will remain clown and buddiss will remain jackal no matter how many disguise they have. Ssd Suresh Kumar is on Facebook.

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Both you and your father fucked me and your sissi at the same time and I never protested. singles referred larger friends takes parkersburg personals gulf charter strategy corporate shah valuable southeastern mi impossible bolsheviks antibiotics fuck springer superfamily Ssd Suresh Kumar's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person. Have you seen Mr Rumy how fasehood has Vanished. Hide yourself in holes otherwise I will eat you all.

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Unless you dont know who your father was. Run Raaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooo Run.

I may ask you Qadianis. Anas: Leave him alone.

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They only write like that when they don't have anything to say Write him and say, " O. One who has no moral values. B: You are talking about Allah's Punishment? Qadiani Buster's Mom Pakiatan. Why is he scared to come to Pakistan.? Mirza will remain a Kazib and a totally flopped character. Then shall prevail only one religion over the whole world and there shall be only one religious Leader.

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You all are followers of Mahmud. Now our readers can read the bullshit of Mirza Kazib's easily. The Qadianis do so by proclaiming to be believers in Islam and Quran.

How ungrateful of you. B Waraich? Friends · Photos. Friends. Their spiritual eyes have been blinded.