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Measurement units[ edit ] I notice some template users use something like: 36" - 24" - 36" for body measurements, but WP:UNITS suggests that " not be used for inches. But I don't think we should use 36 in - 24 in - 36 in either. A more usual usage is and usually understood in classified personals bloomington context of body measurements.

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If we were to include measurements based on when they appeared in Playboy rather than later, it makes it much clearer playmste should help avoid disagreements over what the correct measurements are. I have changed the month field to issue but preserved month for backward compatibility just for the fact that it is the issue of the magazine not the month.

Oh well. Added a deathplace parameter. Fixed a bug that could cause measurements not to display properly. Fixed measurements display for bust hips waist. The parameter for birthname was in the doc's but not in the template.

This would be an automatic based on the death filed. It does not matter so much if the datasheets are untrue, it is more important they are a verifiable record and even in some cases like Juliette Frette the deliberate omission of information her weight is quite interesting.

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We are looking for a playmate/babysitter to keep w kids busy meanwhile Feel free to do spa time, paint nails, they love gymnastics, dance parties, We looking for a part time sitter for our 6 month old baby girl on Mondays. I'd want to make sure that the concerns from that debate are reflected in what changes are made.

Their boys love to play, and would like to have a playmate who can enrich their education at the same time. I remembered it being in one of hime talk s for a Playmate that had gone through an AFD.

Christina b

Also I believe that all fields should be optional and only display if a filed has been filled in. Dismas talk30 May UTC In addition to needing an Image caption field as noted above, this template also needs an Image-size field. Schmiteye8 April UTC Birth date and age template[ edit ] Is there any particular reason why the birth date and age template doesn't work if try to use it within this template??

The last reason was because I came upon a lot of boxes with question marks in them, which just made it darn right nasty looking. Dismas talk11 October UTC It's ugly to repeat named references over and over in an infobox so specifying brandon mb escorts data sheet for playmates would be good.

Babysitter, english native playmate, part time

All parameters are optional. Your comments on the matter are appreciated. Can they please be removed from this one too? Moved playmate of the year under playmate of the month issue.

I was looking for guidance but could not find a reference anywhere. Last I added full documentation for the use of the template.

Changed the natural bust parameter to accept y, yes, n, or no. Made the default image size to px which seems to be better suited for infoboxes. Jayde Parg. They are looking for a sweet, energetic and creative​.

Playmates Behavioral Analysis Services, PLLC, an entity affiliated with Connec-​to-Talk LLC, is currently seeking a full-time Board-Certified Behavior Analyst to. Keep in mind I've made it just optional. Made all fields optional. Changed the born and died display to a better format. I have a small list of those articles here.

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If it's relevant to the article on the person, then it should be sufficiently well fof to go into the article. But display as Yes or No. I was wondering if there would be any objections to having a place for a single source normally the Playmate Data Sheet post July '77 so that the clutter can be cut down. Centered the appearance and date lines.

This allowed adding the website to the bottom of the box. Added color to make it a more pleasing display. So, I'm proposing that it be removed. That discussion is here.

Very similar to the Template:Infobox actor. I don't see why it's necessary in this Playmate template. If not, can independent escorts south wodonga parameter be added? Measurement units[ edit ] I notice some template users lpaymate something like: 36" - 24" - 36" for body measurements, but WP:UNITS suggests that " not be used for inches.

What brought me here was also a question of measurements, particularly, the question of Playmates who had a natural bust but then later had cosmetic surgery, in particular to two PMOY, both Sara Jean Underwood and Carmella DeCesare.

Template talk:infobox playboy playmate

I think the repetitious [1] next to all the values looks cluttered. A more usual usage is and usually understood in the context of body measurements. Softened the color displays. Weight and measurements will fluctuate over time anyway so the measurements given at the time of the playmate shoot is also a good thing to specify, rather than trying to work through different sources each claims about different measurements.

I did change the image-name field to image which at my attempt broke the template. This field is not part of the more generic Template:Infobox fuck buddy maui biography.


Do you mean actually coded into it or used in the birth date's value field? If a particular measurement is not used the other two or single will display properly. Although has there been a lot of undocumented assertions by editors speculating due to the presence of the field in the playmate articles? But I don't think we should use 36 in - 24 in - 36 in either.