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Collaring ceremonies What is a collaring ceremony?

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Traditionally this is a leather collar in some shade of blue although the color doesn't seem to be a big factor to most people. › viewtopic.

This is usually a sturdy, leather "working" collar eubs posture collar which has extra rings for restraints, but again, it's up to the Dominant to decide which style they prefer. When a BDSM relationship progresses to the level that a collar of ownership is offered, many lifestylers opt to celebrate the event with a collaring ceremony. Uncollared sub looking to be collared.

There are no hard and fast rules about what this collar should look like, although tradition holds that this collar should be unique and created specifically for the occasion. She may be a nervous novice new to the BDSM experience, seeking a discreet and patient guide for regular play or an looklng, uncollared sub, committed. Next we'll take a look at how several Dark Connections members performed jessica wichita escort own beautiful ceremonies.

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The ceremony itself could be a private moment between two individuals or a huge event similar to a wedding ceremony. Unread post by BoundHart» Sun Nov 02, am.

Different ranks of collars and their ificance Within the bdsm community there are several ranks of collars traditionally used to denote different stages of a relationship. Planning your ceremony Once you've found ffor perfect collar, the next step is finding the perfect way to present it. Their reponses varied from an intimate two-some to a grandiose affair involving honor guards with swords and flaming torches!

I have this deep desire, no, need to be a. Training Collar: The training collar is to be given after the collar of consideration as a that dor relationship has progressed to the next level.

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Most often it is given during a collaring ceremony. The collar of protection lets other Dominants know that there is somebody looking out for the submissive.

In this special section we will examine the basic protocol of collaring, take a look at the private collaring ceremonies of several Dark Connections members, and see what some of our members envision as their dream ceremony. We asked kooking members of Dark Connections to describe their ideal collaring ceremony. Some opt for very decorative jewelry-like des, screw down collars which are never removed, or simply a chain with a lock on it.

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While it isn't necessary to follow any particular model of collaring protocol or even wear a collar at all it couldn't hurt to familiarize yourself with the different types of collars and what they ify. Online or real-time; with careful planning a collaring ceremony can be an experience one will treasure for a lifetime.

Collar of Consideration: This collar is given at the beginning of a relationship and worn throughout the courtship period. Some subs wear collars simply to show that they are submissive, so it is acceptable to approach a sub wearing a collar to ask their status.

The highest ranking collar is the collar of ownership, also called a formal or slave collar. The style of this collar depends solely on the Dominant's preference.

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Hello, My name is V. Just like most aspects of this lifestyle, there are no right or wrong ways to have a collaring ceremony. Collaring ceremonies What is a collaring ceremony? Formal Collar: The formal collar is a symbol of ownership and commitment to a long term relationship.

Always approach people with respect if you are unsure of their status.