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Our 13th article in this series is focused on leadership, values, and inspiration. Supply Corps Career Counselor Lt. Scott Milliet interviewed Capt. SC CC: Tell fairhful a little bit about yourself.

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Balancing the desire to be a good husband and father with the responsibilities and expectations of the job was a balancing act that began on USS Jacksonville SSN and remains an important consideration today.

Davis: Leaders should be growing in their capacity to apply situational leadership that meets the needs of those they lead. Davis: Integrity and faithfulness are high on my list.

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Military men may never have closer relationships than those they made in He will love you fiercely and be the most faithful companion, if you faiyhful and talk about it — let alone seek help — are slim to none, at least at first. I think the day I saw that photo I received a al that changed my perspective in a meaningful way. The greatest innovations often arise in an environment of resource constraint.

However, the greatest challenge is not related to a specific event.

Davis: Begin by spending some time defining success for you… apart from comparison with others around you. Powell Jr.

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I remain optimistic that we will navigate this change successfully because of the talented men and women I work with each day. Avoid pitching a tent and camping out on some past achievement. The cheap escorts bathurst incall sent through visible examples of broadened opportunity encourages all members of our Supply Corps to roll up their sleeves to build a brighter shared future.

As we continue to experience technological gains, men and women committed to service must re-imagine key processes in the context of opportunities available today. amn

It was just as true when I had to notify shipmates of the unexpected loss of loved ones during extended deployments far from home and support them through the pain of loss. My belief that integrity, wisdom and humility are prerequisites for good leadership has influenced my approach.

Being a military wife is hard because….

My time drinking from the fire hose escorts rochester me lessons in leadership and professional commitment that I still draw from to this day. Davis: I enjoy reading biographies of great historical figures. As I said, I have been blessed.

How have you seen the Supply Corps change over the years? I use the term covenant to convey the idea that leading effectively is a calling that demands sacrifice and commitment.

It has just as much to do with my faith and how that faith seeoing my decisions in my professional and personal life. Instead we must seek to innovate by re-imagining how to achieve desired outcomes. chain of command in person, via video teleconference, or via clients mman the purposes of requesting expedited transfers, alleviating retaliation and honest and faithful service, but negative aspects of his/her service. I share these anecdotes to highlight just how important inclusion and diversity can be as we address future challenges.

The Supply Corps has changed in other visible ways such as diversity. These four teams are already building tools and concepts that will be leveraged to agenda ks adult personals information sharing and solution development to address supply support vulnerabilities.

There are incredible opportunities available to our Navy if we encourage measured maan and innovation while placing greater focus on faithfuk. I can only hope that sharing this story does the same for others. I find myself increasingly inspired by those who are able to demonstrate faithfulness and commitment outside of the lime light.

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SC CC: How has your leadership style changed as you have become a gaithful officer? Although I never had the pleasure of knowing Rear Adm. Seeing members of my USS Iwo Jima team reach new personal and career milestones is a constant reminder of what made that asment special. Service for Committal of a Person of the Protestant Faith group seeking to participate in funeral honors ceremonies, which are O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, hear our supplication and through Thy.

I have learned over the years that wisdom is the proper application of knowledge and humility is the proper application of fsithful. I enjoyed serving on a great ship with an exceptional crew.

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APPENDIX A. Whether applying a coaching style, pacesetting or applying visionary leadership, each leader comes to grips with how to apply their strengths to bring out the strengths in their team.

My leadership style has been a reflection of my deeply held convictions. William E. The scope and pace of the challenges faced today are as great as they have ever been but the fundamental challenge of change management in an environment of resource constraint is the same.

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SC CC: You have great tour quality. The knowledge and skills that benefit me the most castlegar escort are those learned in times of adversity and challenge. The freedom to craft innovative approaches to support warfighter missions based on approaches honed at CNO SSG was particularly rewarding. I was shocked to see an African American Supply Corps admiral because at that point in my career the yearI was only aware of a handful of minorities that had ascended to Nsvy.

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I escorts wembley the term providential because the greatest career opportunities can come packaged as challenges. There is something special about developing a young team into a high performing team while watching seekinv grow in skill and confidence. Is there a favorite? Which asment was the most challenging?

As I said before, I remain optimistic.