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Soccer mom escort

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The setting, and perhaps in some way the reason, for the story you're about to hear, the secret that lay behind it If not for its wide, sweeping driveway, its swimming pool, its glorious views across the valley, to the river, to the town, to the mountains beyond -- and its hefty monthly payment -- would any esort this have happened? And people were coming and going. Paige is the woman who lived here with her three children.

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The list of potential suspects was quickly being narrowed to clients. Stanley Hilkey: Absolutely, it absolutely has. The soccer-mom/stripper.

And that's her life, and her family, and then her friends. But just because someone has a need to make ends meet, do I think you can do things just for that reason.

Man convicted in death of mom who led double life as escort

And Paige with her impact on her world, she's laughs She's like a boulder. But we're coming as best we can. She did not want the chance that he might have part custody of the children. Ron Beigler: It was a typical late teenage romance that turned into love and marriage They were, said Ottawa escort services, "high school sweethearts.

by Misty Gender: Female Age: 36 Race/ethnicity: White Current location: Colorado Highest education received: College degree (eg., BA,‚Äč.

And it was on fire. Someone trying to get rid of evidence?

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My kids and I have been so happy and free and safe since their dad moved miles away! And Paige Birgfeld is -- well, who knows? Ron Beigler: She told me she was going to go visit a client and maybe two. And it was a shock.

And it appeared there were some of those. And her friends?

Dave Duncan: The reports allude to the fact that in the home, Ralph physically restrained Lisa. Who's calling her. Or her children, or their teachers, or venezuela prostitute consumers of the baby slings or for that matter most of the members of the mom's club.

And I said, "What do you mean, missing? And she was sparkling, and they were as doting as parents could be. To outsiders, Paige and Rob seemed happy.

It. These are some of her best friends, from the Mom's Club.

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Paige's Parents: The first big gift was a camera that fits onto helmets. And so, they want to come help cause they want to get this mom back with her kids or at least give the family closure. And yet she walked in perfectly healthy, to the best I can see. In Paige's case, it meant moving on here, in the sprawling house on the hill, with its swimming dearborn mi adult personals, its magnificent canyon views, its bewitching sunsets.

The secret life of a soccer mom

Lots of space to keep looking, and against all the odds, keep hoping. Which of course meant the search for Paige had suddenly mon much more complicated. Paige Birgfield, the beautiful young mother had a secret second life. Stanley Hilkey: You know, you've got to really look at those relationships first.

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Soccer Mom Escort. Scott Robinson: Never met him, never knew him. Keith Morrison.

Close sticky video. Paige Birgfeld, 34, slain mother of three from Grand Junction, led a double life, also working for an escort service. A pleasant person to be around. Papers scattered by a highway miles out of town. Her parents had no idea.

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But I don't think we ever thought it was something more serious than that. People don't want other people to know that they're either patrons of a business like that or they're involved in a business like that so, nom, that's exactly how it panned out.

And the mortgage. Colorado man gets life in prison for murder of 'soccer mom' later revealed to have led double life as escort Back to video. And-- Keith Morrison: He was a client? Amazing, really. And I believe everything happened in escotr area. It must have taken real money to keep that going.

The secret life of paige birgfeld

It was her car. I don't think it's the sort of thing you'd relate. Special dog teams sniffed along the highway leading down to the riverbed. She told us Paige was also afraid of Jones, worried because, as a client, he had taken too deep an interest in her.